Nov 30 2009

Pies, Fold-Up Tables and Advent

I had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it first with my friend Dino, and then with my own family. Both feasts were enjoyed upon several fold-up tables stretched end-to-end and covered with table cloths. I have much for which to be thankful. The tables were undoubtedly made in China, however, since we don’t make real things anymore. We make “Investment Vehicles” like Derivatives and sell them to the Chinese who need a place to put all the money they have made from selling us fold-up tables.

No matter, my sister-in-law and co-incidentally Dino’s sister-in-law made marvelous pumpkin pies, and it wasn’t until this morning that I was reminded of the re-distribution of the big pie that is being attempted by Barry, Nancy, Harry and Joe the Clown … Back to reality.

But still, as I said, we have much for which to be thankful. And we should keep our eyes on another greater celebration that is just around the corner which is Advent.

Advent, for atheists, Muslims, college professors, and the boys in Barney Frank’s basement, is the celebration of the birth of Emmanuel (God-with-Us) Jesus Christ to whom we owe All Thanksgiving.

To set the record straight for anyone who has received a college degree in the last thirty years, and especially if you are a Certified Ignorant by virtue of having a degree from Harvard, I would like to explain what this means. If your degree is from the Ivy League you don’t see things coming very well. Just ask Bill O’Reilly. So if you know this already click on the Daily News link instead …

The great bounty enjoyed by the West, and all its advancements in science and technology are the direct result of the agreement of Western Societies to attempt and apply the meaning of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of the One seen at the Advent. After many poor attempts, the proper application of Christ’s Life came to inform the minds of our founders that “All Men are Created Equal” in the eyes of the Living God.

Western folks can take no real credit for the great bounty and wealth that we have amassed, since it was in spite of their race that they received such gifts. Simply put, St. Paul turned left when he headed north, or we would be making fold-up tables and investing in the decaying society of China.

The Great Hand of Providence is an Open Hand and it is there for all who will partake. The West did just this for two thousand years and now we are wondering if there isn’t a better hand someplace else. It is a very stupid gamble indeed. We would be better off making fold-up tables again and keeping our own hands busy while leaving the great work to the Open Hand.

We would then prepare for the weather instead of pretending we make it from CO2. We would realize that if there is any pollution that really affects the weather it is more likely a mental debris, a toxic form of brain food necessarily evacuated after being fed to us by our craven media.

Were we to return to honest living and we would not be so quick to embrace empty and evil cults of personality instead of keeping our weather-eyes on the good. We would remember that “something-for-nothing,” “bail-outs,” and “too-big-to-fail” are delusions designed for crooks, the wicked, and the spiritually blind. The honest man or woman is happy to live within the great and over-riding, material and immaterial Law of Equilibrium where All Things are paid for in reality.

We would remember that under this great Law no man is safe since all men cause things of unbalance sometimes without even knowing it. But we would therefore and most importantly be thankful for the Great Sacrifice that was made on this and all accounts only for a belief in exchange.

We would be happy that Advent is around the corner and that it is truly our portion of the Cosmic Pie. And since this, our government, is unlike any in the history of mankind and since it belongs to the people, we owe it to ourselves and to our posterity to take it back. We must prepare to wrest control of it from the Wicked BoyzAndGirlz now feasting, wasting and throwing pies that don’t belong to them.

It should not be so hard as we think. It should be as easy as apple pie to put our own homemade pies on top of our own homemade fold-up tables and enjoy the Feast of Advent …

Oh, yeah … and prepare to throw the wicked out.

Nov 18 2009

Independent’s Day

My country, ’tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring!

Our Sweet Land of Liberty needs An Independent’s Day.

Have you ever been to a sporting event, or some other type of show or grand assembly, or maybe even watched such an event on TV where they played the national anthem? Did you stand up or cover your heart with your hand? Did you want to display such a reverence for your country but did not because you were in the company of others from you might suspect a mocking disapproval?

When you heard the anthem being sung did you feel your heart flutter a tiny bit like it wanted to fly out of your chest? Did you feel that spirit of love and gratitude dancing out a happy/sad tear from the corners of your eyes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is good news. You count more now than ever before in the short history of man’s self-governance and liberty.

It is of you and for you and by you that our hope as free men and women reside. The Hand of Providence guides all things and yet we are left as individuals to work out our own salvation. It is why we must fight and never give up. For the record of our own lives is being written as we breathe.

The survival of the only place on earth where the charter states clearly that the government’s power is derived by the consent of those it would govern, is at stake. It is in the breasts of lovers of liberty that the spirit of true freedom that formed this nation resides. It may be kindling but dimly at the moment, but it is not yet out!

We need only to return to clarity quickly and we will reverse this great disaster that hangs over not only us but by default the entire earth.

We are culpable as a people. We abandoned our own charter and left good sense and prudence in our living behind. And in this moral and reasoning vacuum rushed the avarice and ambition of power hungry and entrenched eastern elitist villains to dictate our lifestyles to us. The antithesis of freedom and indeed even capitalism is BIG ANYTHING! We need to understand that men and women are not free if grand portions of their prerogative, or markets, or credit, or goods, or services are controlled by a few.

Washington/Wall Street Complex

We have supported the centralization of all these things since the Great Depression and we are even now allowing another massive shift of our health and wealth to be picked over by BIG VULTURES. Big Government and their brand new best friends on Wall Street are having sodomy parties with Big Corporations. Big Media is in the whorehouse with them drooling like ugly voyeurs. In all sectors of our economy Big Unions and Big Greens and Big Finance are advance-building the mechanisms to divide up the spoils from government run health care and global cap and trade schemes.

We have ignored the words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Had we not ignored them we would not have allowed the merchants of an increasingly centralized and degrading culture to take root. We would have boycotted all giant corporations that wagged their immoral mischief in our faces. We would have called to account our government which is now so corrupt that they boast of their evil and call it good, and then label those who disagree as hateful. Had we remembered the Creator from whom our true bounty and liberty derives we would have nurtured restraint and a reverence for things eternal. We would have stopped the teaching of evil to our young.

Regular folks are not trusted by the elitist sophisticates who present themselves as something the opposite of what they really are. Invariably the very same people who are seizing control of everything in the name of the good of the people, will tell you privately that the people are really stupid. I have heard them say it to me unashamedly. They have all the money. They are now starving the small businessman hoping to crush any part of the private sector that is not willing to be a Club Member of the Washington/Wall Street Complex. They are scrambling to make it permanent, while they blather about the “global economy.” This is Newspeak for “Independent Americans can shove it!”

We can stop them. They can lose this game.

Liberty still resides in the hearts and minds of most regular folks. We must turn them out. The Liars and Thieves (Democrats) must be turned out. The Cowards and Hypocrites (Republicans) must be turned out. Let the Parties fund their own filthy cronyist parties. Give not a single dime to them! Give money to individuals only, no matter their party.

Only those who respect us and promise restraint and limited government need apply. Only those who plan on legislating in a context of reality need step up. Only those who will deny and reverse this insane headlong dive into the financial abyss should we elect. This present financial mess is designed exclusively for the profit of international bankers. We must tell them, No More!

No man or woman who has ties to Wall Street, or the FED, or the IMF, or the CFR, or Big Unions, or Big Media, or Big Greens, or Big Corporations, or any other stifling Big Interest should be considered. It is our country. It belongs to regular folks not Big Anything.

Cry out for Our Sweet Land of Liberty! And Let’s take it back!

Eleven-Two, Twenty Ten is Independent’s Day.