Feb 11 2010

Bean Counters, Class Envy and Voodoo

by John Cooper

The photos of Voodoo celebrants were taken from a Reuters article that you can read here:

Haiti earthquake: voodoo high priest claims aid monopolized by Christians

Now you are probably thinking what does voodoo have to do with bean counters and class envy? Of course you know I’m going to tell you.

At cosmicflyswatter.com we have a great affection for metaphysics. We enjoy reaching beyond what is provable since it is most certain that almost everything is ultimately unprovable, that is of course beyond knowing that you are alive and that you are going to die.

But I think that it can be clearly understood that in life there are things that though they cannot be proved they are surely true. Kurt Godel, Einstein’s good friend wrote the Incompleteness Theory, which though it was centered around that branch of mathematics known as Set Theory, has formidable philosophical implications. No matter what box you create or set of things, there are things outside of any box that though they cannot be proved, they are nevertheless true.

So it is with the spirit of things, or in the case of voodoo the “spirits” of things. Unprovable as they are, spirits exist. If you can think of something it exists in your mind. At the very least one can always describe the spirit of any situation, and people do just that everyday. We will look more at this in a moment, for I think that there are overriding and antithetical if not evil influences prodding our great society to implode at this very time.

To coax you along the pathway where I conjure my own perspective, and in the hope that you might at least understand me if not agree, imagine you are at a crossroads. There are two signs each pointing down two separate paths. One pathway is signed “Spirit” and the other sign reads “Letter.”

These two words refer to the Law. They are the two main perspectives of the Law and though they can be complementary, they are often two very separate and divergent paths. To illustrate, if a young football player makes a particularity viscous hit on an opposing team member, but that hit was legal, he has acted within the “Letter” while breaking the “Spirit” of the Law. The letter of the law in this case being the rules of the game and the spirit being good sportsmanship. Which is overriding? How do we decide?

For our purposes here we will set aside that class of scoundrels known as lawyers whose purview it is to choose whichever side of the Law proves itself most convenient or expedient in their pursuits if pecuniary emoluments… I’m sorry, every now and then I seem to channel the spirit of Charles Dickens when writing even though I don’t believe in channeling. Pecuniary emoluments is a flowery term that simply means money.

St. Paul was a big advocate of the Letter of the Law. In his early career you would have found him on the “Letter” pathway pursuing and sentencing to death the heretics known as Christians, until one day he headed down the road to Damascus where he decided to switch allegiance and hang out on the pathway of the Spirit. He even stated that in the Letter of the Law there is death, but in the Spirit of the Law there is life.

And we all know what Shakespeare had to say about lawyers:

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, Henry VI, part II, act IV, scene ii, lines 8384
“The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers.”

It is their seemingly unprincipled jumping from one path to the other that infuriates us and leaves us with a lower opinion of them than a used car salesman.

But I point all of this out to illustrate that no matter what arena of human endeavor or thought we consider, there is the component of the Spirit of Things that is overriding. And it is in the choice of which spirit or spirits will guide us that great benefit or error derive. Even if we do not pay any attention to such things, the choices of spirit are being made simply in the selection of our actions. We may ignore the entire idea of spirit being the highly educated modern anti-mythological and practical video-game playing intellectual giants that we are, the spirit or spirits of things abide anyway. The Spirit is overriding, always!

Il n’ya pas d’evasion, Amigos.

Forgive me for writing almost half an article before getting to the point which is bean-counters, class envy, and voodoo. These three things are components in the unraveling of the greatest most free society that mankind has ever built. I may be stretching things here a bit with voodoo but I think that you will eventually see my point.

The Spirit of America was declared from the beginning. It was called forth in the Declaration of Independence. Now I’m going to repeat it for you folks sitting over in the left pews since I don’t think you heard me. Let me cup my hand behind my ear. And I want to hear a response of “Amen” from you after I say it again.

OK here we go “INDEPENDENCE!!!” … I didn’t hear the “Amen!” from you.

We Declared our Independence, and we justified this action by claiming that our rights are derived from the Living God and not from men and their governments. In fact after a dozen more years and a lot of negotiations we wrote a constitution based on that original spirit of INDEPENDENCE!

We set out to limit our own governance by claiming that our governors will govern with their authority coming from us and not the other way around. We tried to fashion a model of governance that reflected more perfectly Nature’s Creator, the nature of men, and the natural order of things in general. The idea was to respect each and every man and woman’s vision of happiness.

The hypocrisy of slavery existed during this period and it tainted the purity of our intentions. It took another three quarters of a century to boil up and over into civil war, but the spirit of what we declared was nevertheless true right from the beginning.

Then came the progressives and their greatest worker bees, the bean-counters.

The progressives have always been around in some form or another. They are always funded by evil bankers and supported by lawyers. They see government as a playground for their vain imaginings and as an outlet for their superiority in intellect. They convince themselves that just by being the Ivy-League Club Members that they are, they are entitled to cut up, massage, refashion and dismiss any part of the constitution that was constructed to stop them and their kind in the first place. The fruit of all regular folks’ labor is theirs in their eyes to redistribute as they wish.

The United States Constitution was expressly designed to limit and stop any group of elitists from exacting tyranny over the visions of happiness enjoyed by the regular folks. Plutarchs, Oligarchs, Banking Elites, Corporate Giants, Union Thugs, Chicago Gangsters, Imperial Politicians, and Academic Loons need not apply! NO VACANCY! Go back to Europe, or Cuba, or any other place where lies are forwarded for the profit of the clans of various types that crawl around there. And take Al Gore and the Global Warming Liars with you! We declared our INDEPENDENCE!

But the elitists are not without an army on their march to tyrannize and subdue free men and women. They have an army of bean counters. Bean counters are everywhere working for the progressive tyrants. And by using bean counter products they have sold horse manure to at least the last two generations while they were growing up.

What is a bean counter? They are mostly sociologists or some form of it. They are not necessarily bad folks. But they are being used by the progressive tyrants to sell liberty-diminishment to independent thinking Americans. The tyrants need to convince free thinkers that things are unfair and that they should give up their freedom to them so that they (the tyrants) can straighten things out in the face of all the unfairness. So they cite the statistics compiled by bean counters. Bean counters use mostly taxpayer money and academic grants to study groups.

What kind of groups? The groups can be anything they want. This is a cultural form of Set Theory. The set of all whites, or the set of all Latinos, or the set of all transvestite, welfare recipient, below the poverty-line, inner-city, single mother, single payer, illegal, undocumented, yellow-breasted cockroaches. It is not important. What is important is that the population be divided into opposing groups. As long as “unfairness” can be identified there is money to be extracted for big government slavery enticements. Jesse Jackson holds a Masters Degree in Unfairology.

Earth to progressives … Nothing is fair, never has been and never will be. Being Created equal is in they eyes of God and not in the eyes of a Harvard Idiot!

Bean counters are the worker bees for slavery and socialism. It is a trick wrapped in partial truth and sold to the lazy as a devil’s bargain.

Which brings us to class envy. After dividing everybody into groups it is no leap to create class envy. And by class I don’t necessarily mean income though that’s a big and useful one.

The “F***ing rich are getting a break man!” … ” I know dude, let’s finish that doobie or we’ll be late to Professor Nutjob’s the History of the White Evil Male class.

Class can be race, money, jobs, location, whatever. Every demographic, every last population sector must be identified and dissected for the unfairness factor. Just get me a bean counter over here and quick or we’ll lose a government grant opportunity. That folks then become envious and suspicious of each other is the direct result of government meddling and pandering.

This is expressly anti-American by its nature. Like Al Gore who apparently stated the motto of the United States backwards, progressives suffer from Voluntary Anti-American Spirit Syndrome. They see things as, from one, many. E Pluribus Unum means From Many, One.

We all came here with different backgrounds that we may remember and celebrate on occasion, but only underneath and below that great unifying attribute of the American Spirit. We are INDEPENDENT! We have this in common. We have always cherished it. But now we are losing it to the liars and thieves. These progressive tyrants are mostly useless people who do nothing but live off the labor of real working Americans.

These people are on Wall Street and K-Street and in Congress. They are CEO’s of Giant concerns and Union bosses and Chicago gangsters like those now in the White House. They are International Socialist bankers and all others who want to bring us down and make us feel guilty for being exceptional. They want us to abandon the unifying idea that we are blessed from our Creator with inalienable rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. They want us to report to death panels of bureaucrats who will decide our happiness for us and arrest us for green violations. They will re-educate us and give us our ration after attaching a computer chip wrist band that we may be properly categorized into manageable groups that the bean counters will assist them in cooking up.


Which brings us to Voodoo the final component in this my most recent perspective on things.

Like the unifying Declaration of INDEPENDENCE, it is no accident that at the time it was put forth there was a unifying understanding that there was a single spirit, a single observer, the Creator who watched over men and their goings and comings and it was through His benificence that we men would not only declare INDEPENDENCE but give credit to that Single Spirit who also gave us our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is not even debatable among the sane. The Truth is only challenged by perhaps the revisionist folly of Harvard Idiots and that admitted liar, may he rest in peace, Howard Zinn.

We are now however imitating Voodoo instead. Voodoo is a conglomeration of ancient pagan animist traditions. In Haiti it is mixed with a little Christianity just for fun. Evil spirits are given as much attention as good ones, and a good time is had by all. And their culture reflects this worshipping of lesser spirits.

Do they exist at all? Modern superior New York man scoffs at such mythological stupidity and condescends to visit what he sees secretly as the fools who dwell there for his vacation. Then in his intellectual generosity he tells himself that practioners of Voodoo are “valid” and just as good as those idiot Christians who are just as bad as Moslem terrorists, etc.etc.etc. “Comparative Religion and Multiculturalism, you know Scottsby, just like we learned at Yale … ha ha ha…”

Multiculturalism is not Pluralism which IS American. Multiculturalism degrades the single unifying spirit of America where our motto is E Pluribus Unum. It is anti-American on its face. Multiculturalism is being practiced by progressives on the micro-domestic scale by their dividing of Americans into small competing groups who stand at the government trough. It is forwarded by them on the grand scale by building globalism. The result is envy and the unravelling of the single Spirit of America, which is INDEPENDENCE.

We are experiencing cultural Voodoo. The progressive tyrants have taken the bean-counter’s statistics, mixed it with Harvard cooked relativism and multiculturalism in order to divide and rule and enslave free men and women. Envy is the greatest tool being used to grow government (the Great Parasite). Their duplicitous reasoning and the lies coming from their mouths about fairness cannot hide the effect of their treachery.

They are destroying our awareness of the Single Spirit that gave us freedom and all our bounty. They seek to replace it with many inferior and lesser and competing and many times evil spirits.

It is Voodoo, Period!

Bean Counters, Class Envy, and Voodoo.

End of story!

Dec 22 2009

Mr. Smith Has Left Washington

Last night I watched Frank Capra’s classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The film garnered eleven Academy Award Nominations for everything, best picture, director, actor, screenplay, writer. The year was 1939 which was perhaps the greatest film year in history. The competition included, Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights, The Wizard of Oz, Stage Coach, Goodbye Mr Chips, Ninotchka, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and these are just my favorites.

If you have never seen James Stewart, Jean Aurthur, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold, Harry Carey and Thomas Mitchel in this movie, do yourself a favor over the holidays and rent or better yet buy it. And if you have seen it watch it again. The dialogue between corrupt Washington insiders and political machine hacks and what they are trying to do in this movie is right off the pages of your Internet on a daily basis today.

A greenhorn is asked by a State’s senior Senator to fill in. He comes to Washington and is promptly made a fool of by the press very much like they did to Sarah Palin. Their jaded sophisticated banter includes telling Mr. Smith (James Stewart) to his face that the truth is irrelevant and that their job is to make things up as they wish. Sound familiar? But they are nothing but minor evil mongers compared to the giant political bosses who set out to destroy Smith when he inadvertently steps on their graft(y) toes.

They cannot corrupt him and buy him off since he doesn’t understand not doing what is right so they take their own corruption, cook a reverse story and charge Mr. Smith with a worse version of the crimes they are themselves committing. They attempt to destroy his reputation and remove him from the Senate . It reminds me of the swarm of foul operatives that took a vacation in Alaska last year.

When Smith is befriended by his somewhat cynical yet big-hearted secretary (Jean Arthur) he decides to fight, but James Taylor (played by Edward Arnold) the big machine political crook buys off all the Press and actually sends his operatives to beat up the boys club that has its own printing press. After seizing their papers that defend Smith he runs a group of the boys off the road. It reminds me of SEIU and Acorn.

Taylor can be seen giving instructions to the newspapers telling them to scare the public and that Mr. Smith’s filibuster is going to throw people out of work because the “Deficiency” bill packed with pork for him is being hung up. He commands them to scare the folks. It reminds me of that half-wit Grayson claiming the Republicans want people to die, or the complete disingenuousness of Obama claiming the country will go bankrupt if we don’t pass the health care bill: as if one, it isn’t bankrupt already, and two, the health care bill will do anything but make it much worse!

Then the bought and paid for Senator played by Claude Rains, who hired Smith in the first place and orchestrates the smear campaign against him, begins to slam his fist and tell other Senators that the Deficiency Bill needs to be passed “Now! Today!” Sound familiar?

This movie will move you unless you are a Liar and Thief (Democrat) a Cowardly Republican, a Wall Streeter from Goldman Sachs (everyone in the White House) or have a Harvard degree (Certificate of Idiocy).

There is a very dark cloud over Washington today. It is far worse than the movie I saw last night, though the methods and shenanigans are the same. Imperial Elites like Pelosi and Reid and Obama and all the gangsters from Chicago are trampling our constitution. They are practicing thievery and graft and perversion on an unprecedented scale. They do not care about the American People’s will at all anymore. The bill has to be passed NOW!

They don’t give a damn and they want us to pay for the murder of babies, the bail outs of banks and financial reprobates, the propping up of their giant corporate and union buddies and the takeover of private enterprise en masse. In short, they are FASCISTS! They are using Marxist pap to forward a modified form of International Socialism and we all know it, including those like Bill O’Reilly who would wet his pants before coming out and speaking the TRUTH!

Goldman Sacks is building themselves a new skyscraper with our money after they personally engineered our collapse, and then seized control of our government with their puppet Obama to profit off of the disaster. Nice!

Things could not get worse. But there is hope! It is not the hoax and change offered by that prancing egomaniacal unqualified Harvard bonehead that now wanders the White House looking in the mirror, the Fool for All Seasons with his sidekick, Jester Joe.

It is the Hope offered by the One who gave us our rights and whose birthday we celebrate this season. It is in Him that we will hope. For He is Always. We will not fear, for He even has a sense of humor. While the International Liars Club of Climate Change crooks jet around the world screaming that we are burning up and Jeffrey Immelt at GE needs Cap and Trade, and Al Goracle needs a bigger house for his Nobel Prize, the Living God blankets Washington DC with a great snowstorm to remind us that He runs the weather and that their deaf ears are plugged by their own choice to be godless.

We will celebrate Christmas while the screaming, lying thieves will do their worst. And come next year with our prayers and our unrelenting work we will take back what God Himself gave us, our freedom. We will tar and feather the bastards if we have to. Our call will be the same as it was in the beginning, “No Taxation without Representation!” For we are no longer represented in our government. And:

” … when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security… ”

This government in Washington is no longer answerable to us and must be overthrown by force if necessary. For we declared at our founding that:

” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Nowhere in our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution did we give the government the right to add that in order to be free and un-incarcerated, a citizen must buy insurance, or pay for baby killings. By the Living God their usurpation of our freedom and charter will not stand without a fight!

In the end of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the crooked Senator has a change of heart and admits his villany. All turns out well in this ancient Hollywood story, the likes of which will most likely not come our way again. But we will enjoy Christ’s birthday knowing His Life, Death and Resurrection informed the minds of great men to claim our rights and freedom from His Father and Our Father.

Imperial tyrants who would destroy the greatest of man’s experiments in government must be and will be defeated next year. With His help and our prayers, and our diligence and resolve, and the threat of our being armed just for this purpose, He will crush their evil plans and restore our nation.

Mr Smith has left Washington. We must mobilize and send him back!

A Merry Christmas to All